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North Vancouver Houses See Lowest Inventories Since 2010

If you’ve been out and around North Vancouver this year, you may have noticed a lot of SOLD signs in the ground this season.  It’s been a great year for real estate in North Vancouver and as we come to year end, the trend looks to continue into the New Year with inventory levels for homes in North Vancouver being the lowest since 2010.  As of Dec 2nd, 2014 there are less than 250 houses for sale In North Vancouver.  At this point, demand is easily outperforming supply and makes for a real opportune time to be up for sale in North Vancouver.  In mid-December it is typical for the market to trail off a little and pick right back up again after the New Year.  This year should definitely not be an exception to the rule and strategically planning and timing to take advantage of this, might just be the right move.  With the Buyers that are still eagerly looking during the holidays, they typically are the ones that are very motivated – more than likely they wouldn’t still be looking otherwise!  So this year, rather than taking your home off the market during the holidays or listing your home in the New Year, you may actually be able to reap the benefits of this current low inventory situation and having little competition.  If you’re considering putting your North Vancouver Home onto the market, consider having Jim Pilkington REALTOR® in North Vancouver with RE/MAX assist you with this.  Call for your free home evaluation today.  Contact Jim or 604-785-5188