Buying A Home Without A Real Estate Agent? 3 Things You Must Know…that could potentially save you thousands!


Most people are quite happy looking up houses on the internet or the newspaper, making a list of the ones that are of interest and head out to the weekend opens on their own.  As much as I hate to admit it, most people look at REALTORS the same way you would the salespeople in the mall trying to stop you to sample their products, or that pushy car salesman at the auto dealership.  You want to be left alone, to look in peace.   Nobody wants the pressure of a real estate agent trying to influence your decision, or guide you into a property that isn’t the right fit for you.  You’re quite happy doing it on your own, I totally understand.  When I purchased my first house I was the same way.  I was the kind of person that liked to find houses on my own and view them without the pressure of a real estate agent.  When I find something I like, I’ll simply write an offer with the listing agent, no need for an agent of my own, right? That’s where you might be mistaken and I’m here to make sure your experience with a real estate agent doesn’t have to feel like that…


ONE.  Having a REALTOR of your own write up your offer when you are ready is absolutely FREE to you.  This fee comes off from the seller’s sale price.  Wouldn’t you rather know that your interests are being looked out for when you enter into a contract, especially if it’s free?  It costs you nothing for this peace of mind, many people are unaware of this.


TWO.  When you go to make an offer on a house WITHOUT AN AGENT and use the listing agent to write up the offer, you should be aware that you could very well be falling under a, “Customer Relationship“, this may occur when you are being shown a property by the seller’s, “Designated Agent”.  In this situation, the REALTOR is not permitted to recommend or suggest a price, negotiate on your behalf, inform you of their client’s bottom line price point or disclose any confidential information about their client unless otherwise authorized by the client.  However, the REALTOR can provide you with other services, such as explaining real estate terms, practices and forms, Assist in screening or viewing properties, Prepare and present all offers and counter offers at your direction, Inform you of lenders and their policies, identify and estimate costs involved in a transaction.   Finally, you could agree to have an agent of your own write up your offer, this would fall under “Designated Agency“, where your REALTOR would provide undivided loyalty to you(Client) by protecting your negotiating position at all times.


THREE.  When you have your own REALTOR write up your offer under the “Designated Agency” relationship, you know your interests are their top concern.  With me as your agent I will be able to pull comparable sales, listings, expired listings, etc., to help verify that the asking price of the seller is within reason.  If you don’t have an agent, you’re giving the benefit of the doubt to the listing agent’s asking price.


*BonusAs a courtesy to my clients that buy or sell with me, I will cover your moving costs for free!  I have partnered with a great local moving company that is bonded and insured and has some very reputable clients such as Staples and the Vancouver City Orchestra.   As long as the move(to and from) is within 100 km total traveling distance, you’re all set and I’ll cover your moving for free!


So in conclusion, by having a REALTOR help you with your home buying process in following ways:

  1. Provide you with comparable sales and listings to determine what your offer would be
  2. You have a licensed professional fighting to get the best deal possible for you
  3. Predefine your new home search criteria and you will be emailed the minute new listings come on the market.  Never miss a new listing again!
  4. Requesting an inspection on the home as one of the subjects in the contract
  5. Requesting a Title Search of the property
  6. If you buy or sell with me I will cover your moving costs, with a professional insured and bonded moving company I have partnered with!
  7. Having a REALTOR help you in the process and write up your offer when buying is 100% free to you.


For more information, please feel free to give your REMAX specialist a call Jim Pilkington 604-785-5188 or email .  I aim to make this a stress-free and financially rewarding experience for my clients.  I’ll make it easy for you.  Simply provide me with the criteria that you desire or need for your new home.  I’ll set you up with my email auto notification system, adjusted with your preferences, areas, price range, etc.,.  Every time a new listing comes on the market that meets your criteria, you’ll receive an email with all the listing details.  I can be as hands on or hands off as you prefer.  If you prefer for me to setup viewings for you and to view open houses on your own, no problem!  If you prefer I was there to give you my thoughts and opinions, I would love to!  It’s about you and your preferences.   When it comes time that you have found something you are serious about, I will make sure to pull all the comparables, have the property inspected, and negotiate the best possible price for you!